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Navigating Love in Luxury: The Unique Challenges of Couples Therapy in Calabasas

Unique Challenges of Couples Therapy in Calabasas

In the serene and affluent community of Calabasas, where success and prosperity are part of the daily landscape, couples face unique challenges that strain even the most robust relationships. Understanding these nuances, I, Susie Cole Rome, specialize in guiding couples through the complexities of their relationships, offering a path to deeper connection and mutual understanding.

1. Acknowledging Unique Pressures:

High net-worth living often comes with its own set of expectations and pressures, from maintaining a certain social status to balancing work and family life. I help couples recognize and address these pressures, focusing on their impact on the relationship and individual well-being.

2. Communication is Key:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. In Calabasas, where time is a premium, I work with couples to develop communication skills that foster clarity, empathy, and understanding, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

3. Prioritizing Intimacy:

Amidst busy schedules and societal expectations, intimacy can often take a back seat. My approach includes strategies to help couples reconnect, ensuring that intimacy remains a central pillar of their relationship, not just a scheduled appointment.

4. Financial Harmony:

Wealth management can be a source of conflict for many couples. I offer guidance on navigating financial discussions with respect and partnership, aiming for decisions that reflect shared goals and values.

5. Cultivating Mutual Respect and Admiration:

Respect and admiration are vital in any relationship, especially where one or both partners have significant achievements. Through therapy, couples learn to celebrate each other's successes while supporting each other's individuality and growth.


Living in Calabasas offers a unique backdrop for relationships, where the pressures of high net-worth status can both challenge and enrich a couple's journey together. Through specialized couples therapy, I am committed to helping couples navigate these challenges, fostering relationships built on love, respect, and mutual growth.

If you and your partner are navigating the complexities of life in Calabasas, let's work together to strengthen your bond and create a fulfilling future. Contact me for a consultation and begin your journey to a more connected and joyful relationship.


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