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Marriage & Couples Counseling in Calabasas by Susie

Marriage & Couples Counseling in Calabasas by Susie Rome LMFT

In the heart of Calabasas, where relationships bloom amidst the hustle of life, I, Susie Cole Rome, a licensed and experienced couples therapist, offer a sanctuary for couples seeking more profound connection and understanding through therapy. With a specialization in couples therapy and marriage and relationship counseling, I am dedicated to nurturing the bonds that form the foundation of our lives.

Couples Therapy in Calabasas: A Path to Renewed Connection

Navigating the complexities of relationships, such as communication issues, infidelity, or lack of intimacy, requires patience and, sometimes, the guidance of a skilled therapist. My approach is tailored to each couple's unique journey, fostering an environment where both partners feel heard, valued, and understood.

Marriage & Couples Counseling: Uncovering Deeper Understanding

In Calabasas, my counseling services provide a space for couples to explore their relationship in depth. Through evidence-based strategies and compassionate dialogue, I assist couples in overcoming challenges, enhancing intimacy, and rediscovering the joy in their partnership.

Relationship Counseling: Building Stronger Foundations

The essence of strong relationships lies in mutual respect, love, and the ability to grow together. My counseling sessions are designed to address individual needs within the relationship dynamic, promoting healthy communication and conflict-resolution strategies.

Marriage and Couples Counseling: Nurturing Lasting Bonds

Focusing on the long-term health and happiness of the relationship, I guide couples through healing, reconnection, and mutual understanding. Together, we work towards a future where each partner feels fulfilled and supported.

In Calabasas, where the beauty of nature mirrors the potential for growth and renewal in every relationship, I am here to support your journey. Whether you are facing challenges or simply seeking to enrich your partnership, I invite you to reach out for a consultation. Let's navigate the path to a stronger, more loving connection together.


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